Six Free and Low Cost Way to Promote Your Arts and Crafts Business

Posted: December 27, 2011 in Aksi, Artikel, Craft, Design, Ekonomi, Industri Kreatif

Cheap Ways to Let Your Customers Know You Exist

By Maire Loughran

Once you get your new arts and crafts business over the first few hurdles of setting up the business, it’s time to get serious about promoting your business. Actually, this ongoing process should have been in the back of your mind at the inception of your business idea. It will remain a consideration during the entire time you own your business.

Successful businesses never stop promoting, although the types of promotions may vary. As a brand-new (and probably even as an existing business owner, cost is important). Kind of confused about the best ways to get started promoting your business. Never fear! This article discusses free and low-cost ways to promote your arts and crafts business.

Self-Promoting Your Work

Don’t be shy. You should be the biggest cheerleader for your business. If you create wearable art, you should try to incorporate it into your outfit every day. Otherwise, make sure you carry cool, interesting business cards. It’s kind of rude to pass them out randomly, but if someone asks you what you do for a living – have a short interesting explanation ready and give ’em a business card.

Teach a Class About Your Art or Craft

While your payment for teaching a class may be as little as transportation costs to free studio space, some local organizations pay what approaches a reasonable hourly rate. However, the true value in teaching a class about your arts or craft is the free advertisement you receive from the organizer promoting your class. Also, use good etiquette to network while teaching the class.

Using Blogs To Promote Your Arts and Crafts

You should be using a blog that you update frequently to promote your arts and crafts. If you have a website, make sure to link back. It’s conventional wisdom that blog entries get indexed into the search engines more quickly than changes or updates you make to your website.

Also, don’t forget to use other blogs to promote your work. For example, consider submitting to Craftgawker, a photo gallery that allows craft bloggers from around the world upload images of what they are creating.

Promote Your Arts and Crafts Business Using Yahoo Listing

Yahoo Local listings organize participating businesses by category and geographic location. A Basic listing in Yahoo Local is free. Even if you operate your craft business out of your home, this is a valuable free promotional service. Even though Yahoo requires you enter an address, you can opt to not show your address in the Yahoo listing. You are able to enter your website address to drive traffic to your website. Although that field is optional.

A big part of achieving success using Yahoo Local is customer reviews. Good customer reviews will give your business a higher rating in Yahoo Local. The better your rating the easier it will be for customers to find you.

Promote Your Arts and Crafts Business Using Google Places

Like Yahoo Listings, Google Places is a free service allowing you to promote your arts and crafts business. This great service also lets you upload images of your arts and crafts, videos and any special offers you may presently be promoting for your arts and crafts business.

You don’t need an online presence to use Google Places – your email address and website are optional fields. If you have a home office, no need to worry about exposure. While Google asks for your mailing address, you can specify a service area in the sign up process and hide your physical address.

Promote Your Arts and Crafts Business Using Google Merchant

Another on-the-cheap promotional suggestion, the Google Merchant Center lets you upload your arts and crafts item product feed into Google Shopping at no charge. To use Google Merchant, you must have an e-commerce website. If you don’t have a stand-alone website, you can use Etsy, ArtFire or other online marketplaces in which you may have a shop.***



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