Product Development for SME’s

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Design, Ekonomi, Industri, Industri Kreatif, Kebijakan, Kerjasama

Sandal for Health

The term “product development” has not yet familiar among our SMEs. Throughout the author investigation about the perpetrators of SMEs who are IFFINA 2011 participants this time, they have not much familiar with the pattern of production with good product development system. In the meaning of developing a product design that uses a holistic concept, involving function, shape, color, work systems, production systems, technical & production process efficiency, research and feasibility studies of a product that is oriented on the market.

While the term “design”, we often interpret it only in the shape and color. And more than that, a design can include a concept of the product, which includes a working system, shape, color, efficiency of production processes, raw materials and other matters related to the product. So here, a product development becomes important.

As been told by Arifin (Sasana Antik), a SMEs Furniture businessman from Rembang, that product design he is working on often limited only in shape, and color finishing model. Our SME’s businessmen are often just only do the production design process from buyers who request it. Moreover, sometimes the buyer also took the design from a magazine that they bring to the producers. So our mainstream business were just oriented to “form and color for the market”, without being followed by a feasibility study on developing a comprehensive product.

Product Development at wider scoop is not only market-oriented, but also oriented to working efficiency, shape, color, production process, and related matters to sustainable business, even including the friendliness to the environment.

Health Pallet Sit (Ganitri)

To attract a wider market, apparently an innovative and consistent new product development is one of the important tips to win the hearts of customers. When product’s life cycle are shorter, so the ability for new product development to find will its strategic significance will also increase.

As described in a weblog, new product development process optimally can be crystallized into 7 important points, among which are: Creation Ideas about New Products, New Product Idea Screening, a New Product Concept Testing, Business Analysis and Feasibility Finance, New Product Development, Testing, Marketing, and Commercialization and New Products launching. (Http://

This also happened with branding pattern  of a design, we only know and are familiar with the term buying agent, not yet familiar with the pattern of selling agent. A prominent national design, Priyo Pratomo said that our businessmen only few of them who use selling agent system, so that our design cannot be a strong branding in the international market. So it’s time for us to make selling agent system, so that our design will be strong in international markets, because it was the one who our reseller /agent who will enlarge our product branding in the market.

This is what needed to be a paradigm by the businessmen of our SMEs. With note that the pattern of our product development is in accordance with the ideal product development as described above. Because with this thinking pattern we will not lose the identity, and will have a stronger branding of a product. At some point, we will find the added value of our products. So the “rising prices” would be the “result” of a good branding. ***

[Uung-IFFINA 2011-translated by Engelina Yosephine Puteri Wonoprabowo]


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