Selling crafts online

Posted: April 25, 2008 in Artikel, Industri, Pameran, UMKM, Uncategorized

Selling crafts online involves more than simply publishing a Web site. Successful online marketing requires time, dedication and a basic understanding of marketing in general. Your online craft shop is merely an extension of your real-world business and all forms of marketing should compliment each other to work efficiently and effectively.

This article is not only intended to give craftspeople ideas on how to market an arts and crafts Web site, but also to help crafters become aware of the importance of real-world marketing of a cyber-world storefront.

Printed Material
Print your URL (Web site address) everywhere you print your business name. This includes business cards, fliers, signage, ads, product tags, labels, craft show directories (in shows you may be attending) and anywhere else your business name is printed.

Existing Customer Base
Tell all of your existing customers about your site. If you have collected a mailing list of customers, send out an announcement when your Web site goes live to let them know they can now browse your crafts at your site. Give an incentive to visit the site like a discount for initial purchases or perhaps hold a drawing for a giveaway of one of your products. Use your creativity on how to get them to visit, just make sure anyone who knows about your products knows that they are available online.

In Mail-Order Advertising
Do you have an ad in Country Sampler or other similar publications? If so, this is an excellent area to market your craft site! Publications like this typically have large circulations of craft buyers. By simply placing your address somewhere in the ad, customers will be given the ability to see your entire line of products that are available on your site.

At Craft Shows, Fairs and Festivals
Craft shows are very much an impulse-buying atmosphere, but they don’t have to be! Take advantage of every lead that comes your way by giving access to your online craft shop. Include your Web site address in existing signage at your booth. People who may not be interested in buying your products at the time of the event may purchase from your site in the future. Keep business cards or small leaflets containing your business name, phone number and your Web address to give to people who enter your space to help them remember how to get to your site.

Consignment Shops
If you sell your crafts on consignment, place a small sign (many consignment shops will allow this, but be sure to ask!) in your display with a message about your online craft store. A stack of business cards can also be an effective way to help people remember where your site is when they get home.

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